Policies at Case-by-Case Design Co.

I founded Case-by-Case Design Co. with the goal to give customers a fantastic computer case and an enjoyable experience learning about it and building in it.  And I'm hoping shopping on the website is easy too. My store policies are detailed below, -please have a look and contact me if you want to learn more.

Payment is due prior to the kick off of the batch production run.  For items in stock, payment is processed prior to shipment.

Case-by-Case Design does not receive or retain any financial information regarding your transactions.  All financial processing is done by Paypal or Stripe (credit cards) outside of the Case-by-Case webpage.

Subscribers to this website will receive updates and newsletters occasionally.  Contact me if you would like me to remove you from the subscriber list.

Shipping information is only used for actual shipping purposes.  Case-by-Case Design does not use this information or sell this information for any other purposes.

Cancellations and refunds are available prior to the production run starting.  After the production run has started, there is no guarantee of full refund upon cancellation. Usually a total refund will be available, but if the cancelled product(s) already has had components and/or mfg processing, the refund may be partial to account for this.  However, in any case, Case-by-Case Design will work with you to make things right.  -Fire